Welcome Friends!

My name is Paul Odiwuor Ogola, I am the Coordinator of Permoafrica Centre. We are an implementing permaculture organization for Kawiya  Eco–Village Farmers Projects Networks situated in the southern part of the village, which are part of Lake Victoria Ecosystems, Homabay County in western Kenya.

I was born in the year 1980/01/136  and am a trained  blacksmith Artisan, and later   trainer in different formal and informal sectors of the agricultural farm tools industry and crop production in Kenya. I graduate as  a permaculture teacher & design  a course  i attend in Kamuli, Uganda, a course sponsored by the Sector39 permaculture organization.

My involvements in myriad outreach works and exchange programs later translated into local capacities to create Sustainable Human Environments at the community level whereby am really attached with great changes and passionately gets involved in care of earth through all the permaculture principals as a movement which has no central structure BUT rather a concrete sense of sharing work and focusing great ideas…!!! for more information see https://www.facebook.com/permoafrica/